Team Members

Many times, when people go into a business, they don’t know anything about the company that is providing the service or product.

In many cases you don’t know who you’re dealing with or who owns the company or how long their team has been working together and serving their customers.

Below you will get to know us a little better by explaining who we are and how long we have been working together in serving our residents.

Researching communities you would like to live in during your retirement years is a big task!  WE hope that by getting to know a little about our team, you may decide that Cedar Cove would be the type of community you’d enjoy living in!

MEET THE TEAM - 160 Years & Counting!!

Jeff Warrington
Owner/ Operator
Jeff has been working in the family business since 1988! Growing up he spent countless hours working in both Orange Acres & Cedar Cove. Today Jeff serves as President and Owner/Operator.

Jason Warrington
Owner/ Operator
Jason has been working in the family business since 1992! Growing up he spent countless hours working in both Orange Acres & Cedar Cove. Today Jason serves as Vice-President and Owner/Operator.

Greg Hostetler
Director of New Home Placement & Specialized Maintenance
Greg has been a team member since 1987! Greg handles all aspects of New Home Placement from lot-layout, prep, home-set, construction, & permitting. Greg oversees community maintenance projects as well as supervises part of the maintenance team.


Sonja Snyder
Administrative Assistant
Sonja has worked in the office since 1984! She serves as Administrative Assistant to Jeff & Jason, keeping the accounting side of the business running smoothly. She does all the receivables and payables for Orange Acres.

Tronn Goehring
Office Manager
Tronn has been the Office Manager since 2016. Tronn handles all the contracts and closings for New & Pre-Owned Homes. Tronn also deals with rule implementation and resident relations.

Phoebe Godbold
Executive Assistant
Phoebe is the first 4th generation adult to work in the family business. She worked as a teenager in the office part time. She started full time in 2016 and serves as Executive Assistant for Jeff & Jason.

Amy Warrington
Front Desk/ Office Team
Amy started working in the office in 1997. Amy works the front desk, handles all the office rentals, and coordinates events for the community.

Mark Bulger
Maintenance Team
Mark has served on the Maintenance Team since 2006. You can find Mark on a mower, trimming trees, and working on other maintenance projects.


Andrew Warrington
Maintenance Team
Andrew started working full time in 2019. As a teenager he worked part time over the summers. Andrew helps with landscape/ lawn maintenance and various community projects and tasks.

Joe Golinski
Maintenance Team
Joe has served on the Maintenance Team since 2017. Joe does various tasks including community maintenance, resident services, and various community projects and tasks.

See What our residents have to say

“We chose to live in Cedar Cove for a number of reasons. A great location, caring management, competitive lot rental rate and excellent amenities. But primarily because of the residents. We have made life-long friends. What more can you ask for.”

- Paul & Vinny D.

"After being snow birders in Cedar Cove for two, years we decided to sell our home up north and purchase a home in Sarasota. We took several months and visited about two dozen parks. We were not able to find one that matched up to Cedar Cove.  The people in Cedar Cove are what convinced us that we wanted to be part of this community.  Cedar Cove is a place where you can enjoy life and make good friends.  There are lots of activities to join into or you can just sit by the pool and relax.  "

- Joe & Cindy C.

"As a resident of Cedar Cove Manufactured Home Community, it is a pleasure to live in such a friendly and caring community. I would recommend Cedar Cove to anyone looking for a piece of “Paradise”.  "

- Gloria M.

"Our family has lived in Cedar Cove for over 45 years. The Cedar Cove community is very caring and you can be involved as much as you wish. The management works well with the residents and there are always activities to keep your interest if you choose. Friendships are many and it is a place to be happy."

- Mary S.