Family Business Timeline

The Warrington family has been in the Manufactured Home Community (Mobile Home Park) Operations for over Three Generations. The following timeline tracks the family’s history in this Industry and in their operation of manufactured home communities in Florida.

Harold & Ruth Warrington purchased Bayside Gardens Mobile Home Park located in Clearwater, FL, they make many improvements to the community and then later sell Bayside Gardens.

Orange Acres was established by Jean & John McMahon.

Harold & Ruth Warrington purchased Orange Acres Mobile Home Park in Sarasota, FL from the McMahon's. Orange Acres was the last stop to Arcadia and was surrounded by pastures, palmettos, and orange groves.

Harold & Ruth's son, Moe and his wife, Shirley Warrington, moved to Orange Acres with them to help develop and manage the community.  Orange Acres only had around 62 leased home sites at that time and most of the community was undeveloped.

Moe & Shirley purchased Orange Acres from Harold & Ruth.

Moe & Shirley built the first addition to the Orange Acres Community Centre adding to the main meeting area. Moe & Shirley's first son, Jeff, is born.

Moe & Shirley built the second addition to the Orange Acres Community Centre adding a small meeting room and storage area. Shirley Dr. is developed and completed in the back section of Orange Acres.

Moe & Shirley's second son, Jason, is born and Harold Warrington passes away at his home in Orange Acres.

Development of the last three back streets of Orange Acres (Jeffrey Dr., Tammy Dr., & Shelly Ln.) starts.

The back streets (Jeffrey Dr., Tammy Dr., Shelly Ln.) are completed. Orange Acres has 200 homesites with this addition.

Moe & Shirley move out of Orange Acres.

Development of the last section of Orange Acres begins, this section is Jason Dr.

Jason Dr. is completed. The completion of this section brought Orange Acres to 233 home sites.

Moe & Shirley purchase two additional Mobile Home Parks in Sarasota. These communities were Cedar Cove & Crescent Beach located off of US 41.  Moe & Shirley add a larger permanent office to Orange Acres to help facilitate community operations and sales in Orange Acres, Cedar Cove, and Crescent Beach.

Lots 1-E and 1-N are added to a front open area behind Lot 1 and 1-W. These two lots bring Orange Acres to its current 235 home sites.

Another addition to the Orange Acres Community Centre is built on. The improvement adds to the Main Room, adds a Library/small Meeting Room and a storage room.

Orange Acres connects to mandatory Sarasota County sewer hookup. The Orange Acres community sewer plant is closed and demolished shortly after that.

Moe & Shirley sell Crescent Beach.

Cedar Cove Community Centre is completely remodeled.

Jeff requests from his parents to join the family business and marries his wife, Amy, later that year. Jeff & Amy became Resident Managers of Cedar Cove. Moe Warrington joins C12, a Christian CEO and Business Owner peer advisory group.  A few months later Jeff joins his dad in C12 to be mentored as the next leader of the family business.

Jason follows in his brother's footsteps and also requests to join the family business. He gets married that same year to Hillary.

Family creates a purpose statement for the first time, due to the influence of C12. Orange Acres connects to mandatory Sarasota County water hookup. The Orange Acres community water plant is closed.

Jason and Hillary become Resident Managers of Cedar Cove. Shirley Warrington passes away in December.

Memorial Park is added to the pond area at Orange Acres which is currently known as Golden Pond. This improvement brings a gazebo, footbridge, park benches, sidewalks, and landscaping to this area. Ruth Warrington passes away in August at her home in Orange Acres.

Moe remodels Lot 4 where Harold & Ruth lived and moves back into Orange Acres.

The family decides to add a pool to Cedar Cove since it did not have one. It is determined that the pool will go on Lot 53 across from Cedar Cove Community Centre. Moe marries Marcia.

The Cedar Cove pool is built, completed, and opened to residents in February. Family decides to submeter both Orange Acres and Cedar Cove Communities for water conservation purposes.

Moe Warrington semi –retires in November. Jeff & Jason start as Operators of Orange Acres & Cedar Cove along with purchasing a percentage of Orange Acres from their father.  Moe and Marcia move out of Orange Acres. 

Moe fully retires. Family identifies its core values and vision statement.

Orange Acres celebrates 50 years. Family holds a 50th anniversary party to celebrate the milestone inviting residents, past residents, current/past team members, and friends.

Jeff & Jason purchased Cedar Cove from their father.   

Jeff & Jason's Administrative Assistant, Sonja, celebrates 30 years of employment. She previously was Moe's Administrative Assistant.

Jeff & Jason purchased the final interest of Orange Acres from their father. Phoebe Godbold (Jeff & Amy's daughter) becomes the first adult 4th generation Warrington to work fulltime in Orange Acres and Cedar Cove.

Greg, Director of New Home Placement & Specialized Maintenance, celebrates 30 years of employment.

See What our residents have to say

“We chose to live in Cedar Cove for a number of reasons. A great location, caring management, competitive lot rental rate and excellent amenities. But primarily because of the residents. We have made life-long friends. What more can you ask for.”

- Paul & Vinny D.

"After being snow birders in Cedar Cove for two, years we decided to sell our home up north and purchase a home in Sarasota. We took several months and visited about two dozen parks. We were not able to find one that matched up to Cedar Cove.  The people in Cedar Cove are what convinced us that we wanted to be part of this community.  Cedar Cove is a place where you can enjoy life and make good friends.  There are lots of activities to join into or you can just sit by the pool and relax.  "

- Joe & Cindy C.

"As a resident of Cedar Cove Manufactured Home Community, it is a pleasure to live in such a friendly and caring community. I would recommend Cedar Cove to anyone looking for a piece of “Paradise”.  "

- Gloria M.

"Our family has lived in Cedar Cove for over 45 years. The Cedar Cove community is very caring and you can be involved as much as you wish. The management works well with the residents and there are always activities to keep your interest if you choose. Friendships are many and it is a place to be happy."

- Mary S.