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Are you interested in mobile homes for sale in Sarasota, Fl? If so, we'd like to talk with you!

Thank you for your interest in moving to Cedar Cove. Sarasota is an amazing place to live, and we take great pride in making Cedar Cove a great place to call home.  

Cedar Cove offers both new and pre-owned manufactured homes. If you have just begun looking for mobile homes for sale, we recommend that you browse our selection of available homes. This will give you a great feel for price and value. You may just find the perfect place!

Be sure to bookmark this site and check back often as our inventory is always changing. You can expect to see pre-owned homes listed regularly. We also bring in new homes into Cedar Cove from time to time depending on lot availability.

If you don't see what you are looking for but are interested in moving to Cedar Cove, give us a call. We are happy to discuss options for choosing a custom home and lot which meets your needs.

Information You Need:

Age Restriction

Cedar Cove  is a 55+ age restricted community. Our regulations stipulate that one primary resident is 55 years of age, and that no persons under the age of 45 may permanently reside in the home. We understand that you will want friends and family to visit, so please read about our visitor policy.


Application Fee

The Cedar Cove application fee is $30 per applicant, or $60 per couple.
This fee is non-refundable and must be submitted with your application and photo ID.

Application Process

Each person expecting to reside in your Cedar Cove manufactured home for a period of more than 30 days is required to apply with the office and obtain approval. A photo identification verifying birth date will be necessary for consideration.

An application will be required for all homeowners, as well as any friends, tenants, live-in health care workers or family members who plan on residing in the unit for more than 30 days.  

In order to best protect our residents, we perform a thorough background check of all prospective residents. This process includes:

* Age verification
* Credit check
* Rental history
* Public records search
* Criminal background check
* Personal reference check

As Is

Pre-owned mobile homes for sale in Sarasota, FL are generally sold in “as-is” condition. However, the seller is required to ensure that the following items are functional on closing day: heat and air conditioning, water heater, smoke detectors, and all kitchen appliances (stove, refrigerator, dishwasher).

Inspection Requirements

All pre-owned homes sold through the Cedar Cove sales team undergo termite, hurricane anchor, and thorough home inspections. These inspections allow prospective buyers to better understand the true condition of the pre-owned home they are purchasing.

Sellers are not required to address repairs discovered through inspections. Most sellers (not all) will agree to pay for termite treatments or tie down repairs, if needed.

Cedar Cove will disclose any needed repairs which come to our attention. Should the seller opt not to perform these repairs, they may be negotiated off the sales price.


New vs. Pre-Owned Homes

One of the unique differences of living in a land lease Manufactured Home Community is the affordability it offers to live in a Sarasota Retirement Community. The first part of that affordability is leasing a lot in a community like Orange Acres which allows you the flexibility of not having to maintain a residential home or condo.  It also gives people great options of amenities to use such as a pool or Community Centre.

Another key affordability aspect of purchasing in a Manufactured Home Community is the various price points a community like Orange Acres has to offer in both New or Pre-Owned Homes for sale.

Offer Process

Before making an offer, all prospective buyers must first apply and be approved by Cedar Cove. Purchasing a home listed with Orange Acres Sales requires that a $200 earnest money deposit accompany the signed purchase offer.


Pet Policy

CedarCove does not allow residents to own dogs. An indoor cat is permissible.

Purchasing / Closing Costs

In addition to your application fee and the purchase price of the home, these are the typical fees which are associated with closing on a manufactured home. Fees may change at any time, please check with our Cedar Cove Sales team if you have any questions.

  • Sales tax:  Calculated at 7% on the first $5,000 6% on any remaining amount over $5,000
  • Title transfer fee - $78.25 per title. Please note that double wide homes have two titles.
  • Decal fee –estimated $50 per decal Please note that double wide homes have two decals.
  • Home inspection fee for pre-owned mobile homes - $220
  • Processing fee - $100
  • Lien fee if financing the home - $2 per title
  • Mailbox fee Deposit (one time – refundable upon move out) - $15

See What our residents have to say

“We chose to live in Cedar Cove for a number of reasons. A great location, caring management, competitive lot rental rate and excellent amenities. But primarily because of the residents. We have made life-long friends. What more can you ask for.”

- Paul & Vinny D.

"After being snow birders in Cedar Cove for two, years we decided to sell our home up north and purchase a home in Sarasota. We took several months and visited about two dozen parks. We were not able to find one that matched up to Cedar Cove.  The people in Cedar Cove are what convinced us that we wanted to be part of this community.  Cedar Cove is a place where you can enjoy life and make good friends.  There are lots of activities to join into or you can just sit by the pool and relax.  "

- Joe & Cindy C.

"As a resident of Cedar Cove Manufactured Home Community, it is a pleasure to live in such a friendly and caring community. I would recommend Cedar Cove to anyone looking for a piece of “Paradise”.  "

- Gloria M.

"Our family has lived in Cedar Cove for over 45 years. The Cedar Cove community is very caring and you can be involved as much as you wish. The management works well with the residents and there are always activities to keep your interest if you choose. Friendships are many and it is a place to be happy."

- Mary S.